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How We Work

In PQP, fostering a robust working relationship is paramount to our ethos. This begins with the establishment of clear, transparent contracts, including, but not limited to, Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA), Master Contract Agreements (MCA) / Master Services Agreements (MSA), and Statements of Work (SOW).

An illustration showing a strategic journey to success

We prioritise client confidentiality and adhere strictly to the legal framework outlined in commercial business contracts. Our SOW serve as formal documentation, outlining project terms, deliverables from both client and consultant, and associated cost structures, following comprehensive client introductions and scoping meetings.


At PQP, we diligently assign consultants to mitigate potential conflicts of interest between clients and relevant technologies. Our approach to confidentiality and conflict mitigation is fortified by robust employment and client contracts, meticulous policies, stringent work assignment procedures, and comprehensive data protection measures, including electronic security and the segregation of sensitive information.

Each project is overseen by a Co-founder or Senior Consultant, tasked with project management, client relationship cultivation, and team support to ensure successful delivery of client requirements. From initial introduction and scoping to SOW creation and ongoing project oversight, our team remain dedicated to supporting clients at every stage of engagement.

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